• Marbles Tournaments

    More and more people in many countries are enjoying this amazing sport.

  • Adult Players

    Adult players of all ages are the most typical participants of the marbles tournaments.

  • Junior Players

    Not only adults love the marbles tournaments. This family-friendly sport is also suitable for junior players.

  • International Rules

    Can players from different countries play together? Yes, thanks the international rules.

  • World Marbles Championship

    World Marbles Championship is organized every two years. Will you be the next world champion?

  • Establish Marbles Federation

    No marbles federation in your country? Then it is the time to start one.

  • Marbles In Your Country

    How do you like the idea to become the key person who will bring the marbles tournaments to your country?

  • Join Us

    Active national marbles federations are welcome to join the World Marbles Federation.