How To Play Marbles - Basic Rules

1. Two players compete against each other. Both players have to use marbles of different color. The goal of the game is to place all own marbles into the hole as first.

2. The game begins by throwing one marble from throwing line and aiming it into the hole. The player, whose marble is closer to the hole, decides who will start the odd games and who the even games.

3. First player starts by throwing all his marbles (one by one) from the throwing line in direction of the hole trying to hit the hole. Then throws his opponent.

4. Then the players continue in the game by flicking the marbles in direction of the hole. Player with more marbles in the hole (or player who has his best marble closer to the hole) takes first turn to flick. Players should flick their own marbles only. Players are alternating in the game after each flick (regardless of the fact if his marble hits the hole or not).

5. The proper flick is defined as movement of only one finger, while it could touch only your marble (one only). It is possible to flick using any finger. Flicked marble then could hit any other marble, the opponent ones too.

6. The player who puts all his marbles in the hole first becomes the winner of the game. The winner of the match is the player who has won given number of games (usually two or three games).

7. The marbles should be made from any non-metal material and its diameter should not be higher than 16.5 mm. The throwing line is 7.5 meters from the center of the hole. The hole has to be 7 - 11 cm in diameter.

Complete Marbles Rules

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