Board Of Directors

The Board Of Directors is the highest level authority in the World Marbles Federation. It is elected by representatives of associated national marbles federations. Board members are volunteers who donate their time and talent.

Board Members

  1. President: Petr Sejba

    Petr is a co-founder of the World Marbles Federation. He started to organize marbles tournaments in 1998. In 1999, he co-founded Czech Marbles Federation and also came with the idea of international rules and World Marbles Federation.

  2. Vice President: Daniel Beseda

    Daniel is an experienced organizer of local and national marbles tournaments. He has established very successful marbles club and also has a lot of experience from other sports.

  3. Director: Pavel Zoufaly

    Pavel became one of the first marbles players in his country. He co-organized many international tournaments including the World Marbles Championship.

  4. Director: Leos Kofron

    Leos is not only a successful player but also an experienced organizer of big marbles tournaments. As an accounting expert, he cares about the finance in our organization.

  5. Director: Martin Adamec

    Martin is an experienced organizer and one of the top players in his country. He has been one of the members of the Czech Marbles Federation Board Of Directors for many years.