Establish National Marbles Federation

Many countries already have their own national marbles federations while many others are still waiting for people like you who will bring marbles tournaments their homeland. If there is no marbles federation in your country, you should definitely consider to establish one. Since there may be other people who are already working on this, we recommend to contact us first so we can connect you with them. Also, if somebody else from your country will contact us in the future we will connect you so you will be able to work together.

How Does The National Marbles Federation Work

National marbles federations coordinate the tournaments in the country, help to the organizers and support the local marbles clubs. Every national marbles federation has its own Board Of Directors. The Board members are elected by the marbles clubs representatives. National marbles federations which comply with the requirements may join the World Marbles Federation.

How To Start

Every country has its own laws regarding founding a non-profit organization, however, establishing and running such organization is usually not difficult. Simply use Google to find corresponding laws and register a non-profit sport organization with a local authority.

Become familiar with the international marbles rules and start to organize marbles tournaments. You may decide to compete in both, your traditional marbles game and in the game with international rules. Or you may simply play only using the international rules (what is recommended and much easier to handle).

Try to find people who will join your marbles federation, who will establish their own marbles clubs, organize more and more tournaments and promote our sport. As soon as your organization will have some experienced organizers, you may think about organizing international tournaments. If you have some friends in other countries, invite them to these tournaments and share with them the idea about establishing marbles federations in their countries.

Motivate the players to participate in the international tournaments. Tournaments are not only about winning the games, but also about meeting other people and finding new friends.