Registration Requirements For New Members

This document covers the requirements for national marbles federations (hereinafter referred to as applicant) which want to become members of the World Marbles Federation.

Applicant must be officially registered non-profit sport organization with management based on democratic principles (i. e. the Board Of Directors must be elected by the by representatives of associated marbles clubs or directly by the members of the national marbles federation).

Applicant must organize marbles tournaments in his country using the international marbles rules as described at Applicant must have a website with information for players in local language like dates and results of the tournaments, national ranking or names of the Board Of Directors members.

Accepted applicants are responsible for fair nomination of players who will represent their countries in international marbles tournaments with limited number of participants per country.

Only one national marbles federation from every country may become the member of the World Marbles Federation. If more applicants from the same country apply for the World Marbles Federation membership, only the one which contacted us first and complies with all requirements in this document will get the membership.

Applicant may submit the application any time, however, it will be considered after participating of the national team of the applicant's country in the World Marbles Championship. There are no fees associated with the application nor with the membership.

Applications must be sent by email to the Board Of Directors. The email address is mentioned in the application. The Board Of Directors will either approve or deny the application and will inform the applicant about the result.